Metsola: Constant time wrap and server under maintenance message

Probably known issue, wroting down here so support will know issue is occuring on Metsola also. As a 25 days player im sitting on a 143 days played time. Time wrap occured twice and when it happened all time-related thing on game also followed it like food buffs, house payments, invasions etc. Seems like invasion warnings about downgraded facilities is just text an not affecting cities. After both of wraps couple minutes later server gone and after 10 to 15 minute i will able to login again. When i logged in i was not able to interact with anything (collecting drops, skinning etc.) and after a full restart i was able to again. Occured on both wraps btw.


I went from like 20 days ish played to this, on Metsola aswell


That’s as much as we could grab before getting disconnected

Looking at the bugs forum this has happened to multiple servers today and not a single dev reply yet… nice

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Yup, everything is fine

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THIS. :open_mouth: apparently there’s so many but there’s no solution

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