Mid day slump... zzz

Hey guys!!

Finally had a chance to hop back in here! So many things to learn and take in when starting a new job. And it’s so fascinating going from a fan to player to staff. Wanted to give this a go again, just a casual conversation. Checking in on everyone, hope you all had a great week!

I’m about to go make another cup of coffee to wake me up for the rest of the day.
What about you? Coffee or tea?


i log in and immediately reach for the vodka


What brand? Straight or mixed? Ice or no? Inquiring minds want to know…


Coffee will forever be better than tea, prove me wrong. Also, hello again Shadow_fox glad to have ya around :slight_smile:

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whatever is on the bottom shelf, straight up

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Bwahaha you’re definitely stirring that pot with that statement! I do tend to enjoy both… but at different times. Like tea is sooo good when I’m not feeling well.

I’m with @crunchwrap and I play at night with a rum and coke.

Also @Remadir as long as its straight black I’m with you :smiley:


When I was younger I HATED coke and rum… now it’s pretty yum and super easy.

Just had my 2nd coffee at 10am, but tea is good in the afternoon

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How you doing jokingly ask AGS.
We are doing good, jokingly answer player base :joy:

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o7 Hey @Shadow_Fox

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee… This game requires lots and lots and lots of coffee. :rofl:

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I’m not joking, I’m genuinely asking. I’d like to get to know you guys and in turn give you a chance to get to know me and hopefully more of the team in the future.


Completely agree with you!

Hi there!! Haha so many things in life seem to require caffeine! But at the same time there is something comforting about gaming with a warm drink.

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I would be enjoying the game if:

  • I could play with my friends (Need xfer token)
  • I could run PvE content without feeling like its a second job (Remove orbs, all of them).
  • I could enjoy gathering if I wasn’t forced to flag for PvP for that extra luck boost.

Too late here, all our company went and so did I - I started enjoying the game again by changing the game back to WoW.

Still no people - but at least there is stuff to do.

Yup, I’m not a drinker, gave that up many years ago. But I do enjoy a nice warm coffee while doing late night farming loops or Zergs.

Yeah, I went back to Minecraft, finished the story of Super Mario Odyssey, still need to collect all the moons in that game. I got a few more titles on my Switch to play through that I’ll be starting up soon. …

calm down guys…
sometimes we need to forget the player side and live life a little…

Hey Shadow_Fox have a great day…
Because until I 1 hour from now I’ll start tag you in some post :slight_smile:

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Gonna have to treat yourself a little there pal. Go for some of that mid tier regional stuff >.<

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