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Ah, that was Greg and he’s actually not a CM. But Greg is absolutely awesome! He’s actually hosting the Jan one too and then I’m supposed to be stepping in to host the future videos.


Would they allow you to tell us what has been rejected and approved?

What I’m waiting for, really, is not to hear that its being sent to the developers, but actual response from the developers on the issue at hand, and that top issue of mine is the tuning orbs and the unnecessary gating on expeditions in general which have NOT been communicated with the community, and the changes the developers have made on the PTR continue to go in the opposite direction than what they promised in that dev update video.

Timestamped for you as well. This is what I mean by them promising more open accessibility, but their continued time gating moves in the exact opposite direction.

“Because we want players to run these more frequently, they’re going to be more freely available.” Time gating does the opposite.

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Oooohh this is a great idea too! Writing it down!

The dev diary videos were a great effort to keep us feeling like we were “in the loop” with what is being worked on behind the scenes. Are they not going to produce any more?

Everyone I know watched it more than a few times and kind of held that as our standard for a “road map” of sorts.

taking advantage of this conversation here… when is the next DEV BLOG coming out?

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Thats great, look forward to it for sure!

Coffee AND Tea.

Lipton, in a Mr Coffee Mr Tea maker. Unsweet. 1/4 cup sugar, maximum with 1/4 cup Torani’s Raspberry is good. Yes, I know what Raspberry flavor is made from. I do not care.

Coffee? Not ever starbucks, that I can tell you. Bad coffee. As bad as it gets. Despite Folgers also being garbage, Black Gold by their subsidary 1850 tastes like coffee & black tea mixed. Good stuff.

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look I agree with you … they talked about new weapons and many things … I stopped putting a lot of faith in the game because I’m going back to school and etc … so my frustration with some things they “said or promised” has reduced.

I understand. Instead maybe I should bring to them the concern about stating one thing and doing another. Or as I have learned, more clearly explaining certain things. As accessibility to you may mean something completely different to them.

I’m sorry, I just don’t have an answer. Plans do change, even in just a month. Maybe they decided to go another route for whatever reason.

Hello, do you have any news about server merges? Is not a priority for your team help the people trap in those servers with no population?

You haven ot LIVED until you had WaWa coffee.

Well said

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Not having a promise fulfilled is upsetting to anyone, especially those that made it. I’m sure it was never their intention. Things are constantly changing and popping up. Resources, time and work is always being shuffled around to find that constantly rare gem of ‘balance’.

Thank you, I really am trying here.

Lets talk about arenas again… made a post about it a view days ago with some ideas and didnt get an answer :frowning:

I want them sooo baaaaad :tired_face:

8 messages in less than 15 minutes…
why not make a own discord or use the amazon one for this coffee talks…

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I guess you’re trying to be relatable here and I understand.

The players would like answers though. We’ve invested serious amounts of our time into this and we want to see if it’s going to improve.

Most of what I hear is how difficult it is to resolve these issues. Or we simply see them not being resolved, or worse being told they are fixed and finding they aren’t.

At the end of the day, New World has to be a game that functions. And right now, sadly it does not. There are too many issues where the base game mechanics fail. What we are left is feeling that what we are given are things we aren’t asking for (gypsum/expertise/umbral). These are very low on the wish list here. We want a functioning game that isn’t filled with bots. We want to feel like our time is worthwhile in the game (bots cheapen it by being able to mine/harvest/whatever 24 hours a day).

So I understand being friendly, but we’d like communication that has meaningful information to us in terms of how the game is going to operate and improve.

Thank you.

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Hahaha Romez, as much as I’d LOVE to tell you that something you suggested mere days ago will yes be implemented into a game as big as New World… I can’t. I don’t have an answer for you buddy. It’s a great idea and it was brought up the team. Now we must let the chips fall where they may.

I think this can relate to my post above. The system for the orbs isn’t necessarily terrible. The main issue a of people have is how much of a nuisance it can be to craft the orbs. The 2 main nuisances will always be faction points and the shards. I’ve seen many complaint threads on corruption shards being the main topic on the forums and reddit. That may be the main confusion with stating that there aren’t many people bringing the topic of interest up compared to other issues. It’s definitely there and a competing complaint, it’s just the complaint isn’t directly tuning orbs and instead a component of the tuning orbs.

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