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Something i think that will need to be addressed in the future is early game progression, with the town maxing and not being downgraded due to successful invasion, there is alot less townboard missions to complete for newer players, as well as experienced players trying to leveling trade skills. @Shadow_Fox

So… i supose no news about tokens or merges?..

I agree SO MUCH with that, if plans do change, why NOT talk about?! Yes, yes yes! Haha yes, this is exactly what I’m here for and something I’ll bring up and work on. Maybe even alot of this anger and frustration could be lessened, even a little, if there was just some understanding on both sides and more communication on what is being done.

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Seeing a public-facing JIRA card (example: The “Playtester Vial of Azoth” doesn’t give Azoth) move from “testing” to “staged fix” would help communicate that specific bugs are being worked on, and would probably be as good as “we’ll pass that along” to devs. :slight_smile:

This is just one example, it’s fixed in the PTR update now, but you get my point. Being able to visualize the work being done even if it’s at a high level & with little detail would go a long way to communicate what’s being worked on/planned for the future.

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Do you think you could see about getting us a new Dev Blog? Be nice to hear from the Dev’s, go over their thoughts on the feedback so far and just touch base with the community. I think it could go a long way to help everyone get up to speed, and maybe answer some questions that they have answered in some threads, such as:

I’m sorry, haha I’m trying to keep up and absolutely not ignoring you. I also don’t have any definite answers for you. I do know the team is working hard on making transfers better so they may be waiting on that for sure. I can ask them about it and add both topics to my list of things they might want to discuss.

The problem with this answer, is that Arena’s have been talked about here and on Reddit for months.
Many top streamers have discussed the topic as well.

So while Romez may have on suggested this recently, it’s been months of nothing.
This is just one example of basic information gathering failure.

One simple solution to many of the communication problems that the playerbase has, would have been to make a simple Infographic with each months targeted content. (this has been suggested many times in this thread, forum and reddit)
At least we would than have something to look forward to.
Instead we’re “treated” to super long videos with vague pieces of information.
No real certainty, definitely not enough to keep players interested.

We’re trying to wait patiently but the not so serious players are continuing to leave.
This wouldn’t be the first hugely hyped game to completely fall off a cliff in recent times.
Look at Cyberpunk

I know. I stated that in a post above. (Didn’t know faction points were becoming tradeable though?)

Regardless an issue could still be there if the crafting isn’t lowered or there is an increased drop rate. It’s like putting tape on a leak. It’ll do something for the moment, but it’s not the ideal fix and people probably will still be complaining when shards are incredibly over priced.

I’m not sure? I could ask… or have something done in a similar way. A few devs did hop on the forums for an hour Tuesday and yesterday. It’s hard on them because there is so much anger and negativity but they did their best and tried to answer a few questions. Hopefully we can do it agian next week and answer a few more!

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@Shadow_Fox Can we talk about company tournaments across servers, id like to challenge other leading servers without having to transfer as well.

oh btw i just found you in twitch , you still stream then ?

i given it a fallow , promise if i do jump in sometimes i wont chat (write) about AGS or new world .
i wanna link it but i think that will bring you more trouble then good ?

Thank you.

Please if you have any information in the future we will really apresiate in Lamian, the less populated server in the cluster. Please leave a comment in this post if you have any news about this issue.

Thanks for your comment.

Yeah @Zin_Ramu was awesome, really appreciated him taking the time to reply and let me know about Orbs/Casts.

@Shadow_Fox is there a reimbursement for all of us that cant get past our quests for faction level up? i do alot of pvp, invasions, wars, and im capped at 7500 tokens and just losing out on everything until they fix the quest, i cant even prepare to buy chisels or mutator orbs :frowning: can you find out if something will be given to us?

I think the problem here is, and the team knows it, there are ALOT of suggestions and feedback from the community on ALOT of different platforms from ALOT of different people. And some think that once it’s suggested, that someone does hear it and… its brought instantly to the team and it’s the only thing they focus on and work on until completetion. Sadly, that’s not the case. Many times these ideas get missed or are passed onto the wrong person, or it’s buried under a list of more pressing projects and bug fixes OR it’s just decided against completely. I’m 1000% not saying that is the case with this suggestion, not at all, I actually have NO IDEA what the team is doing with the arena suggestion. All I can say personally is I’ll bring it up with the team and we’ll go from there.

I was recently hired, two weeks ago actually, for this purpose. To better create this network of communication directly to the devs and then back to you guys. We’re just getting started :smiley:


That does suck to see. But it is the internet, and that’s how some people tend to be. Am I disappointed in some of the actions that AGS has done and their priorities? Yeah I am a little. But I know that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying along with you. Getting angry or mad and treating the people that will be relaying our message like shit, doesn’t do us any favors. But people will still act like children since it’s the internet.

Maybe show CM comments in a seperate tab in the tracker than the dev ones. That way we that like to see your posts, can see them and the ones that are only waiting on a dev reply can filter them only.

Anyways, I don’t like coffee so I’d prefer tea, I’m mostly drinking water with flavor though, there’s this company called Waterdrop that makes really nice sugarfree flavor with vitamins to put in water and I’m obsessed with it. Can get it with and without caffeine. But here in Europe it’s 2:22 AM right now and I should really get some sleep xD I’ll read through the comments tomorrow.

P.S. I appreciate you giving life to these forums. Keep up the good work.


For sure, I think we all agree and we do all understand. The team understands that the anger starts from a love and a passion of a game that they themselves love. I think it will balance out in time, especially with AGS realizing that they need a bigger team and to increase communication.


I put it in a post, but to add to the PvP Arena, make sure they should understand balancing in small scale should be separate from the game itself. Buffing/nerfing certain things while in a PvP Arena would be the best way to separate 50v50 balancing and 5v5.

Just suggesting so they are prepared for it and do t have yet another catastrophe.

It would be impossible to balance weapons to be fair and balanced in both 50 vs 50 and 5v5.

Sleep well and thank you!

I think that’s a great idea!!! I’ll bring it up to the team Monday and see what we can do.
As for Waterdrop, I was actually just looking into that brand!! But I read some reviews that they take FOREVER to ship… so I wasn’t sure. But maybe I’ll give them a try!

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