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Wow congrats on hosting the videos!

I look forward to seeing what you are capable of pulling off. Thank you for being you, and I commend you for sticking your neck out here in a sea of angry forum users and trying to open these lines of communication. With that said, I’ll check back in a day or two, Thank you for hearing me out as well.


As a player, this is almost insulting. To see a CM consistently commenting on a thread like this while other threads and topics have been ignored for months that have far more impact on the game.

People like me who watch the Dev Tracker for official updates/responses to crucial issues instead seeing tons of replies to a general topic that answers nothing.


lol i played a random vod from your stream , click at a random time , first thing i hear is
someone in eco asking and bothering you about AGS and new world …now am starting to see a bigger picture here . you got nerves of steel dont you ? XD

Is this CM not gathering information currently?

The forums made it very apparent that their communication in the forums was garbage. Obviously the message was relayed and they are fixing it. just be happy you see cms and devs commenting on more than one post a week like it used to be. It’s daily and frequent. Be grateful.

well you should watch the official news for …well official news XD .
and this thread was started with the intention of talking an learning more about the people here .

not really about feedback .

Yeah let’s not have a CM interact with the player base. You’re comment is very contradicting. Sure some fun comments was made by the CM, but does that mean this entire conversation has not mentioned crucial issues?

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They have a limited edition version with Blueberry, Blackberry and Apple atm, it’s called Snow and it’s divine. I usually put 2 of them into a 600ml thermo bottle next to me while gaming and it makes sure I get my water intake. Or I put 3 in a 1l carafe. My 11 year old loves the flavors aswell. Shipping often depends on location or time. If they get alot of orders at the same time like with the limited edition stuff it can take up to a week. My last order was the 27’th of December from the EU shop, they shipped it a week later from Austria to Denmark and I got it 2 days after they shipped. Anyways, if you do decide to give it a try I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:
Night Night :sleeping:

Wars and Invasions are a super fun part of the game, but very are limited to who can participate and when. It would be nice if you could add a war style system where people could queue at anytime like OPR.

You could also do the same for Invasions. There is so much content that lots of people do not get the chance to experience or participate in.


I’ve actually had the same thought as you. Would be great if there was a way to practice wars and invasion with a mode that you can queue up to as a team, first they need to add a way to queue up with large groups though :wink: A raid group system would be great.

Did you actually read what I wrote? I did not say “CMs should not interact with the playerbase.” My comment is not contradicting at all. Frustrated players going onto the forums for solutions or updates from AGS to their issues instead see a CM talking about their morning coffee while game ruining topics and issues have gone unaddressed for months. You think that lessens the anger and frustration?

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Totally understand that perspective. I also don’t envy the uphill battle you personally have.
I spend most of business day dealing with clients and project management so can relate slightly.

I guess that it’s probably getting close to being already too late.
It probably further appears to be passed along with these threads and a lot of the teams comments on the forum.

It all adds up to unhelpful/vague responses that players are looking for, even as unreasonable as that sounds.

Yeah. Let’s let them be robots. Once again you’re missing a vital point that topics are being discussed along with some very minor comments that are unrelated. They are people as well and enjoying themselves with their community members. Maybe that’s just an issue with the dev tracker if you find it as such an issue. But it’s really not that big of an issue at the end of the day. This has been an active thread with many people commenting on it and talking about issues.

Stolichnaya Vodka + Carbonated lemonade. Same with Gin.

Also with orange juice.

The CM literally stated in the OP that this was just a thread to get to know people and talk about their week. The unrelated comments are the ones about serious issues which the CM merely replies with general statements that we hear all the time like “We hear you,” “It’s on the list,” and “you’re not being ignored.”

Point is, the goal was not to discuss topics of import. They just wanted to have some small talk. They can do that all they want. I’m just saying it’s frustrating to see.

Shadow-Fox actually took some notes from some of the conversations, that’s more than small talk.


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I log in. My head lowers, eyes closed. My empty hands grip harder and harder until they shake. I can do this, I tell myself. I can do this. I open my eyes and stare evenly at the screen. I’ve done this so much, so many times… yet I continue.

My fingers find their way to my mug. It’s so old, I’ve long rubbed away whatever words it used to show. I bring it to my lips and the familiar taste of barely warm coffee spreads across my tastebuds. Down it all in one go, chewing the grounds for good measure. I place the mug back on the table with a loud clack sound. I’ve heard it so many times.

My hands reach to my keyboard and mouse. The grime accumulated over months of use harbor no concern to me. Ah shit, here we go again.


Hopefully in time, you will become the out of touch one here as we move forward from how things used to be.

You are upset that a new CM getting to know the environment here hasn’t wadded into every toxic sludgepond and given their ultimate authority of an answer on it.

You don’t think maybe at the very least wishing them good luck first? :slight_smile: