Middle Ground for PVP server debate

Hello there!

I’m currently playing on a server where not many people seem to be into pvp. Which saddens me, as crafting and pvp are pretty much my only incentives to play this game entirely.

I do understand that nobody wants to be forced into pvp and we should let each other play the way they want, but as of right now, it’s very frustrating to put hours into your character just to see you’re on a server with little to no other pvp enthusiasts. I’m already thinking about what server I want to transfer to when the service becomes available and that’s where I got the idea;

Add a tag to a few servers [PVP] or [PVP Enthusiasts], without making it a dedicated pvp server. This way, you can still unflag if you just want a mellow farming session or if you want to join your friends server but are not into pvp yourself. The tag should only be an indicator for players where to go if they want to focus on pvp, a suggestion if you will.

I feel like this would also eliminate most of the frustration that sparks heated discussions between a lot of players on this forum. It would be awesome if we could have this coming with the server transfer so anybody can choose a server they’ll be happy on and play with other people with similar interests. As of right now, there is no way of knowing faction balance and pvp activity on a server without playing there for a few hours, so the tag would help a lot.

What do you think?
(also, anybody know a EU server where PVP is alive? Like spontaneous brawls at the fort or at pvp mission areas?)

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I am on Hellheim lvl 40 and i hardly see any spontanous open world pvp. But we got Wars and Fort Fight (most lvl 60) on regularly basis. On What Server do you play?

Is there any EU Server with lots of flagged ppl during lvl phase and random pvp encounter?

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