Midgard Lock vs. Queue Time

Seeing a ton of people upset over the locking of Midgard but at the same time, it seems to already be 1+ hour queue to get into the server.

Thinking that a make good for this would be to provide an additional transfer token specifically for people on Midgard to transfer off if they choose to do so. This would help fix both of the issues.

Unfortunately it’s a tough place to be. People are going to be upset that servers are locked and tokens slow rolled but it’s really too prevent situations like this. Yet we have the other side complaining that we have queue times to play. Don’t think anyone will be happy with this. Makes more sense to lock it now than keep it open but I think a make good is in order to allow people who have been playing together this entire time, to continue to play together but on another server.

Fixed! Link below. Like like they giving tokens for Midgard people!

Well those players/Company that transfer to midgard and have there friends stuck on empty server.
Just have themself to blame for it…:triumph:

For you that tranfer to midgard.
Now you are stuck on midgard…welcome! :japanese_ogre:

Unflag Bran please. My friends are stuck on Fae and want to move to Bran.

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