Millions want this!

Awwww… but mom, its soo much fun! :rofl:


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NGL, if there is enough groaning and rumblings about Hit Scan Musket from the fresh start folks that it gets reworked, I will consider that a success. LUL, might honestly be an avenue through which AGS will move their feet on something for once per combat.

again, you are talking about AMAZON who works majorly with DATA if they are showing SIGNS of doing it, is because DATA shows that there is MONEY going that DIRECTION.

Otherwise is just you trying to put your own bull experiences into others. I played other mmo and for sure aint asking you your mmo experiences because for me they are bull and dont compare to mine experiences, i can use them to relate things, but until now did not need any of it.

And yes i can name some who actually open fresh start server and block transfers during period of time. But not really going into that, we are talking about amazon and new world and how they work and see things, if you want to talk about other mmos then can pm me and i will talk about it.

Yeah unfortunately we have entered the new forum normal haha. Which is expected with such an influx of players. Would like to see more moderation, not to censor, but perhaps limit the forums from being an entire page of the same topic haha.

Onward as each side gaslights each other. Found this thing on reddit already o.O

Can we all just be nice and understand that people can agree and disagree with each other and discussion and feedback is not an attack, but instead just a means of improving the -

Blackxp gets smacked in the back of a head with an ironwood plank



I think this is true to some extent, and though everyone is entitled to their opinion, by their nature none are right or wrong, they are just opinions, subjective thoughts on the same issue.

At the end of the day, no matter what any of us think, the developers will do what they want and we have to choose to like it or not. :person_shrugging:


then realize the majority doesn’t want fresh start or they would back you up and not tell you, your wrong. Your a few people yelling at the actual majority trying to say your the majority which isn’t true.

Its like 50 people standing in a crowd of 1000’s saying there the majority because they can bring up the same topic 5 times. Your loud but not the majority.

Did you actually saw the news? if i was wrong ppl wouldnt be saying fresh start confirmed and a CM wouldn’t be saying that the “staff liked the idea and in the next coming weeks they will be talking about it officialy.”

So i dont really know what is your point, since me stating the above destroy all your arguments now.

there is no fresh start confirmed, the devs said there opening more not fresh start ones lol that’s just not true.

Yeah I agreed with some of it as well, but really dislike when people characterize the other side incorrectly. Even if not conscious, it’s got some mal intent. I say this as someone that is generally in support, assuming they are temporary fresh start servers and all that. I’m all about creating a positive long-term community and think there are concerns about fragmenting everyone. Also technical issues with cross-server play.

All in all, no matter what side you on. People have genuine concerns and who knows maybe this discussion across 135 different threads will lead to a better version than it started as.

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Anything else you can pm her.

I mean does it matter? Veteran or newb theres always those guys who get smashed by weapon X Y and just come here to provide ,constructive feedback,

i agree about there statement to some extent too, but there’s a lot in this thread where people just want to run there own narrative and not be in actual reality.

We’ll have more information in the coming weeks. which means they may think its cool but it probably wont happen. They thought our tent mazes and tents made threw the air were cool to they took them away. Your saying something not confirmed is.

you know that scot lane the game director just posted on hi s twitter that we will have fresh servers right? ahahah xD

fresh servers not fresh start with no trasfers in

Well if you interpreted like that kudos for you.

A company wouldn’t say something like that if they were not going to do it. And her saying more INFORMATION in the coming weeks is already saying “we are going to do it and will give more info on how that is gonna work soon”.

Right now you are just in denial lmao.

Normally the answer for not doing stuff in a company would be “we have no intentions to open new servers at this moment” or something like that and you know they say things like that lol, why would she just put more wood in the fire to not do it? lmao please stop.

I dont really know why you dont want it, but it is already happening and DATA showed that majority wants it and when i say majority includes even ppl who still play and wants a fresh start.

You can just continue playing and profiting in your server with your company normally, nothing will change. I do want them to open more legacy servers to minimize the queue, but prolly they wont be doing it because they wanna see how legacy servers gonna deal with the fresh start if many will leave from legacy or not. it is good strategy to avoid resources loss.

Just hold out more 15-20 days man we already suffer way worse in new world.

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I don’t think you understand numbers.

Not sure if you’re trolling but your proposel hopefully never happens.

and look at that more legacy servers… less queue hopefully!!!

Well whatever you say, i am tired. gonna remove notifications from here even from quotes or @, so later on when fresh start happens i will gladly laugh at the majors thread that will pop up saying “ags you ruined everything and yada yada”.

I didn’t respond to you, didn’t even read your post. I responded to OP.

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