Min-Maxing armor weight

So I spent about 1 hour or so doing the math in order to see what mix of armor would be the most optimal (and most fashionable) mix between armors to maintain medium weight and I came to this conclusion.
The order is boots, leggins, gloves, shirt and hat , while the weights are S=small, M=medium and H=heavy, the closest the number is to 23 should be the best weight-to-armor and keep in mind you can exchange the boots,gloves and hat since they weight the same in their respective classes (so you can change a Heavy hat for Medium boots and viceversa).
PS:Anything under 21.5 I deemed as not worth it but I might be wrong

First off armor without a shield would be:

Armor with a Light shield (2.7):

Armor with a Medium shield (5.4):

Armor with a Heavy shield (11):


I’ve been using light with a round shield since I started, but eventually switched to medium and had to mix and match until I found the best ratio, which I thought was “L,M,L,H,M=22.8”

Would 22.9 be more optimized?

it depends, for example 22.8 holds 2 Medium, 2 Light and 1 Heavy, while 22.9, Holds 2 Medium, 1 Light and 2 Heavy, if you want even resistances the extra .1 weight doesn’t matter as much however if you want to lean heavier on physical resistances then chose 22.9 if you want more elemental resistances over all you go for 22.8.

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I’ll be honest, I assumed weight was the considering factor when it came to resistances

it kinda is but when crafting Heavy and Light armor you have subclases, these subclases affect the gain on physical and elemental stat, for example on heavy armors you have plated armor and “heavy” armor, plated gives an even amount between physical and elemental while heavy gives more physical resistances, the same goes with clothing one gives an even amount while the other gives more elemental, what this means is that if you manage to craft a high gear score the lighter armor can end up outclassing the heavy one in terms of elemental gain.

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it isn’t; weight isn’t directly applicable.

you’re character’s total armor weight class is. meaning if all your armor makes you classified as heavy, then that’s the base resistance class you’ll be functioning with. the resistances are further altered by the armor rating of your equipment.

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I know some people struggle with what is optimal so I’ve done the testing and found that medium chest and all light is best. You can also optimise medium further. There is also a leaning where some armour will yield about 13% more resistances to physical or elemental resistances at the expense of the other.

I made some graphics that may help and will post them on the channel soon.


Great graphics. Does anyone know what the formula or the damage mitigation is for armor ratings? I don’t see damage reduction any where in game unless I’m not looking at the right places.

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i think its like 70% heavy, 50% med and 30% light

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I found that Medium boot, heavy legs, heavy torso, light gloves, light head give the most armor while being at 22.9

Three different posters here with three different results for what’s the best medium set up. Assuming no shield and evenly distributed physical vs. elemental, which is actually best?

Remember that Head, Hands, and Feet have the same weight and armour, so those can be switched around as you want.

The most optimal is from the graphic: Heavy chest, light legs, 1 heavy, 2 medium at 2115.8 armour. The comment above yours is almost as good though: Heavy chest, heavy legs, 1 medium, 2 light gives 2107.8 armour.

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