Mini Map by Overwolf

Is it legal to use this mini map addon?

I’ve been told to use it by a friend, just want to know that it’s not a violation of the rules and regulations.

Its banned.

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Both answers after the question are wrong.

You can use Overwolf minimap, BUT, overwolf has changed the way it works.
All you can see now is the layout of the map and nothing else, no nodes, enemies or type of mobs show anymore and they have been completely disabled to comply with AGS T&Cs.

In short, yes you can use it, but it really is a mini map, nothing else. You are unable to enable any nodes.


It is indeed legal, in the current implementation that no longer shows you ore locations

Great, I only want to see the roads so I stop getting lost in cities :joy:


That’s why I use mini maps in mmos too. For the roads heh. I just wish AGS would create their own mini map for the game.

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@Bojangles This is a great idea. There are a lot of ideas floating around at this moment and we are always looking to improve New World to create great experiences for our players.


It still works, hasn’t got anyone banned, and can be used either with a second monitor or an overlay app to make it actually track nodes, chests, etc.

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It is 100% OK to use it, Overwolf has already been in contact with AGS and made the required changes to ensure it’s safe usage.

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