All that said, we have discussed the matter with Overwolf and have decided to not penalize mini-map mods from this 3rd party, provided that they stick to the following rules:

As a general rule, the mini-map follows exact rules of compass and cannot give players an advantage of any type over the compass. Information to be used for display, even within the limitations expressed below, must come from the Overwolf API, which we may add to over time but can’t commit to at the moment.

The mini-map can:

  • Show player position
  • Show folks in group as we do on compass
  • Only show node placement if they’ve unlocked that node via tradeskills, provided it is within the range that compass would display them.
  • Only show AI that you’ve unlocked via tradeskills as compass and within range of compass.
  • Show quests as they do on compass

At this time we can confirm that we have not banned anyone for using the mini-map mod from Overwolf. In the future, we may change our position on this and decide to add a mini-map or change our position on allowing Overwolf. If we were to change, we would give plenty of notice along with a designated grace period where would not ban players for continued use, but would take action after that grace period has ended.

Here we go.

Overwolf Minimap is finally allowed with FAIR conditions (actually this is nothing morez than standard minimap conditions).

I included in my quote the last sentences for few people who don’t wants it.

Note that they using unfair and illogical argues (click on the link, it’s just before my quote) to defend the compass (as the few players against minimap did) meaning they have the same game vision, wrong or not, that’s not the point.

Well, enjoy the Minimap with the determined conditions, which is exactly what people wanted and take a look at the link, there is many interesting things.

Source : [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

And everyone could have what he wants.

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