Minimap Overlay Discussion - You DEVs were TOO LATE, deal with the results of your laziness

Time to shelf the idea of canning it, the Overwolf Mini map has to stay and so do the other minimap variants. This issue arose WEEKS AGO, and a ticket was submitted by yours truly, but guess what. You Devs ignored the issue when it was HOTandFRESH, you took much too long to respond and address it, now it is too late.

Now, the MAJORITY of your players use this addon and we love it. Additionally, because your game does not offer anything for the player to use in its place, taking it away now is just anti-quality of life.

Failing to include any type of dynamic in-game map, that records the nodes as YOU the player harvests then was YOUR DESIGN flaw.

That choice, to NOT include a customizable map that allows players to drop custom markers for resources they find, was the wrong choice.

Now that you’ve waited weeks since this minimap has been released, and due to that long delay in any type of response by you Devs, the people are used to this new feature from Overwolf and others…

Your inaction brought us to this point, and you let the players eat the tasty cakes. Now, you want to take that tasty cake away, and tell them to eat cardboard instead. Well, I’ve news for you… it ain’t gonna happen.

We’re Sorry, but you took too long to address this issue. Close it up, move on. Maybe when you decide to add some similar features or functionality to the game client that out performs the addons people have decided to use, then perhaps they will no longer have a reason to use it.

Offer the players something yourselves for quality of life, so they don’t have to go shopping around for 3rd party coders to do your jobs for you.

Too late Amazon Devs, too late. Move on. The minimap stays.

UPDATE <: It seems way too much emphasis is on the “minimap” aspect of what this offers. OK, take away the overlay, nothing is solved. Why is nothing solved? Because you can instead use a 2nd monitor, and use a webpage that shows the map and pulls your characters location and puts it on the map on your browser. Now, just have to have a 2nd monitor, and you no longer need to accept the EULA, Easy AntiCheat does not apply, and the same information is being sent to the player. So now, if you ban the overlay minimap, players will switch to the 2nd monitor map alternative. What will that do then? Create a secondary class system, those with multiple monitors and those without. The “unfair advantage” is not dealt with at all, just those without multiple monitors will be punished if they use an overlay, while those 2 monitor uses get away with no one the wiser.

//SIGNED// - The Majority of your Players.

P.S. Amazon Directors/HR/Accounting, you should know what I am talking about if you do your history. Making your customers angry, because they found a way to get what the game failed to deliver, and then have the game try to take that away too… yeah that killed off a few games over the past decade. Fail to know MMO gaming history, then repeat it, and flounder. GL/HF.


I’ve not signed anything, nor used any minimap nor need a minimap.

And I’m fine using my eyes outside a minimap to spot ressouces for a change.


Good job representing the minority

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^ This ^

Seriously, I wish people would stop trying to turn NW into another generic WoW clone.

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So 2 of you have opted out, while the other 7840 have agreed with their silence to my claim. The bottom line, is the devs waited too long to take action. Now they are stuck in a difficult position, and without offering anything comparable from the client/amazon side of the house, taking away a feature that is fully available to anyone with 2 or more monitors is pointless and will only cause players to get upset and potentially quit.

The overwolf minimap overlap, is nothing more than a projection of the webpage fullscreen application that can be projected by a 2nd monitor. Removing the overwolf overlay does nothing to prevent what Amazon is claiming goes against their EULA/TOS. They would not only have to remove Overwolf and somehow stop people who have already downloaded it from modding it locally (which is impossible), they would also have to block the player position on the ingame FPS overlay that the client provides, they would have to block the API updates for client position and they would have to encrypt the UDP/TCP traffic at local layer 3 network, to prevent it from being passively read by an external gateway, to later be used as a passthrough data read and display on 2nd monitor… Amazon cannot do this, without crippling their client and causing massive network lag. So just drop it. I’m a network engineer, you caused this, now eat it and move on.

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Pretending to speak on behalf of people that gave you no authority to do so, reduces your credibility to near zero.


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