Mining Cave System Hotspots

So as of recently with the new player counts being raised, I think everyone can agree farming for resources has been kind of a painful experience. I was thinking about bringing in more resources to map without it just being a node camp fest. I think I have a fun salutation; I was thinking that further down the line the devs could introduce a kind of cave system hotspot, where we go down into the world’s underground to gather ores. Where there are no maps and it’s a little hard to navigate through maybe have some boulders blocking tunnel entrances, so you’ll have to mine your way through to where it could lead to a dead end or maybe a batch of orichalcum. Maybe have the ores have a little rng to where it’s not the same every time it spawns, so it could be an iron ore, gold, plat, starmetal or orichalcum. Something to make farming a little more enjoyable and less doing the same thing over and over. Maybe there’s a way to add something similar like this to harvesting and logging too.

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They should also add a darkness mechanic, where you either have to hold a lamp/torch to see or cast a limited duration light spell. This would make for an awesome dungeon crawling experience. Plus points if it has horror elements to it

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I could see that being pretty cool for immersion. (:

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