Mining scarcity

After server merges i can not find any iron route that has not been mined dry. the only nodes i find are the ones that are randomly placed far from any cluster on the map.

Can anyone relate to this?

Welcome to life on a non-dead server.

This is what I try and do, YMMV:

I find the clumps of ore that are out of the way, that wouldn’t make sense if a person were just mining ore, but had other valuables around. Motes, oil, chests, azoth water, anything that you can farm and sell. Get as much ore as you can and sell the other stuff to buy ore.

I play on a heathy populated server (not merged this far) and find plenty of iron &cet. just running between places and gathering everything - not just mining - I pass by. When I leave A with empty inventory I arrive to B bags full.

Same, I have a 60-70 minute route that goes from WW via Reekwater and EF to BW and along the way I get about 1200 weight of items precious ores, top and middle tier wood, ore, fiber … switching luck gear along the way like mad.

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