Misleading item information

I’d like to point out to developers that some item information is blatantly wrong and therefore misleading or confusing. And it’s not just something minor. The first one being the most important one.

Luck on items:

be it loot luck or gathering luck, the information “increases chance for rares by 2.5%” is so far off what it really does in the game. Can’t you just replace it by something like “increases your loot luck by 453 points”? Because the way it is currently phrased is an insult to anyone who learned in school what “percentage” means. Just make it like for the buff food.

furnishing schematics:

can’t you please name the schematics according to the recipe? Just like you did for cooking? Why am I required to look up the recipe on 3rd party spoiler sites? There is no in-game way to tell if I already learned “maple bed 03”. And if I already learned it and salvage it again, then there is no protection from just wasting it.

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