Missing all Skins and in-game store tokens

Sorry if this has been posted before. At the time of writing this post the forums search option was disabled due to high traffic, or that was the message that was coming up when trying to search this issue.

I logged in today to Camelot, West Coast server. I’m missing all the skins I’ve purchased and earned through twitch drops. I’m also missing 20k+ in-game store tokens. I’m missing roughly 3k in-game gold as well. When I logged off Saturday I had 19K+ gold, when I logged in Monday afternoon I magically dropped down to 16K+ gold. Please give some kind of response that this is being looked into and that I and anyone else having these same issues will get our stuff back. FYI the in-gmae store tokens are from real world money. Not something that I will stand for losing.

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Im in the same boat, on oceanic server Eridu, all amrks and amazon skins etc gone. I swear this game…

They have already posted about this…They know about it and it is linked to a bigger amazon issue. Once that is fixed you will get all your stuff back they said.

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That is good to know. I figured it was posted somewhere but the forums were all jacked up when trying to locate info on this issue. The search wouldn’t work and it said my Amazon and Steam accounts were no longer linked to my forums account. It’s been all kinds of crazy today.

Just thank god I’m not one of the guys on the East Coast server that lost everything.

Yeah I could only find a dev post mentioning it to be a US East issue.
I have same issue on AP SOUTHEAST server Delos.

same here and all coins gone

I’m in the same aboat, had all the Twitch skins so far and one bought for my musked during the halloween and a total of ~15k store tokens and it’s all gone.

Hello adventurers!

We are sorry to hear about these items missing from your inventory.

This is caused by an issue impacting the entire server.

This will resolve eventually when this outage is resolved.

More news will be coming in Official News - New World Forums

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Same issue on my account as well.

Over $65.00 worth of credits & skins wiped from my account.

To be honest this is a pretty big issue, and red flag for me. How can you encourage people to support your product/game when issues like this are happening?

I Hope this is resolved quickly.

Sounds like it had to do with the AWS outtage today. Hopefully it will all be restored by tomorrow.

They have resolved the issue on my account, hopefully they have for everyone else as well. All my items & store credits have been restored.

Thanks for fixing this issue quickly.

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