Missing Alpha Tester Title even after multiple tickets

As many have struggled with, I too am missing my “Aeternum Discoverer” title. I tested back when the title was in the AGS launcher (~2018), so I suspect this may be the issue.

I received the email stating I would be receiving the title. I provided this proof to chat support on 2 occasions, once during launch week, the next in December.

Honestly, I’ve also contacted chat support about missing items (like the battle’s embrace chest), and still never had it rectified. Unsure if I’m somehow still way back in queue to have these issues addressed, or whether they were just ultimately ignored as I’ve had no updates or responses.

Please help!

Still awaiting resolution on this issue.

Here is the outstanding Case ID from December, which was a follow-up to one closer to launch.

Hey @EPiQ I hope you’re doing great and welcome to the forums!

I’m sincerely sorry for this situation you have been experiencing not receiving the Alpha Tester title and I want to apologize for the overall experience about your contacts with our live support and this problem, please let me know your character username, server, region and faction you’re in so I can proceed to take a look to this situation, I’m waiting for your response!.

Let me know is there anything that you have tried, any troubleshooting steps?

Hope you all have a nice day!

@Legumi Initially I tried rebooting the title, to see if the title would appear. I’ve also gone back and found an old build of the amazon games launcher that used to house the alpha I participated in, but it didn’t show any form of “account linking” or anything.

I initially was invited to the Alpha test Nov 16, 2018.
I received the email stating I would be receiving the title on June 3 2019, which stated I would be emailed instructions on claiming the title closer to launch. I never received said email, and from what I’ve read it was simply auto-assigned…but that seems to have only been for those who ALSO were accepted into the future, more public alpha tests.

Character name: EPiQ
Region: US West
Server: Yggdrasil
Faction: Covenant

Hey @EPiQ hope you’re doing fine!

I’m really sorry for the delay, wanted to let you know I’m still looking into this issue.

Hope to reach you back soon, see you on Aeternum!

Thank you @Legumi! Appreciate the assistance. I know its “just” a title…but it’s a worthy flex a few years down the road, haha.

Hey don’t worry I totally understand @EPiQ!

I’m still looking into this @EPiQ appreciate your patience, have a nice day!

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How’s it going @EPiQ, I’m really sorry for the delay, unfortunately I’m still awaiting for the response, hope to update you soon!

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Thanks for the follow-up @Legumi!

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Bumping to keep the thread alive @Legumi

Performing CPR


Same problem here

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Hello @EPiQ, @Regentlord, and @Dude,

I am sorry to hear of how this ongoing issue has not yet been resolved for you. I have reviewed all the data you have provided and thank you for the information. Due to the type of issue you mention and how it does not match the expected behavior, this thread would be better addressed in the Bug Reports section.

I have moved the thread. Hope this helps and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

I appreciate that @Fenrirskoll, but its been an entire year of pursuit on this issue, starting literally on day 1.

Bug Summary:
I played NDA Alpha on the Amazon Games launcher, but never got an invite to the more public builds on Steam. I did however receive an email stating I would be getting an Alpha Tester title. I (along with LOTS of other people), have never received this title. We have been trying to get it for months upon months.

Its a bigger issue than its reported to be, simply because most people I know have used it as one of their examples of a lack of empathy for the playerbase. We were all told it was being addressed and we’d be messaged with follow-ups…but here we are months later without any resolution.

Search: Search results for 'missing alpha title' - New World Forums

Thread: Missing Alpha Title from 2018 Alpha Tests
Thread: Alpha title for 2018 tester
(I could link way more, but what’s the point)

So maybe it is a bug…but its quite plain that many people are missing titles…and it would probably be worth exporting a spreadsheet of alpha tester emails, and emailing a title claim link or something.

If the system only attributes to a steam account which showed activity on the alpha build, you’re missing all of the years of people who played before Steam.

The solution is to get the original list of alpha testers from 2018 - email them all asking for a reply with the name/server of their character. Most of these people don’t care/won’t reply but the few of us who are still playing will respond and then you can manually grant us the titles.

This wouldn’t bug me so much if there wasn’t a tweet from the official New World account confirming we would get the title (the tweet is still up by the way if you go and look for it.)

It is also very unfortunate how hard it is to get actual support.

Edit: Tweet thread saying that older alpha accounts would get the title too

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I don’t have this issue and just stumbled on this thread, but honestly AGS should be embarrassed about things like this still happening and how poorly they are handling things.