Missing Alpha Tester Title even after multiple tickets

Still have this issue.

Still have the same issue. Have an ongoing ticket that is SLA breached. Thank you.

Wow, well… what else were we supposed to get besides the title… The Ghost Hare? I never got that but Im not sure what that was from, and I’m missing twitch drops like the glowing purple eyes. hmmm I know I am missing that but I don’t think that was the Alpha. I have my title but it was weeks after official launch occurred and I had to send email.

Still no response

Still no response from support

Still an issue for myself and MANY other players. As people talk about returning, I know at least 4 other instances of people who treat this as an indication of the state of the game.

While I know the game has made giant leaps, its still a complete shame that there’s an entire group of alpha testers who aren’t awarded for their dedication in any way.

Still missing and no response from support

Still an issue.

Happy Thanksgiving though.