Missing Ancient Combat Trophy after Trade

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Character Name: 15EKS
Issue/bug: Items missing after trade
Time/Date: 9:35am AEST 7/11/2021
World: Hawaiki
Location: Everfall
Items never showed up and never recovered even after relogging back in. Items still miussing. Missing 4 x basic ancient combat trophies.

I had a friend from our guild make the trophies. I gave him all the materials, he made them and traded them to me, the basic ancient ones never came through, we did it again and same issue, they are missing, never came through. Missing 4 x.

Need assistance, please provide 4 x basic ancient combat trophies.

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This happened to me last night, Lost 3 x basic ancient trophies… after trade, they just vanished from my bags, the trade was done in Windward and i just pressed travel to Cutless Keys.
I checked every storage shed and logged off and back in, a couple of times, never seen them again…
Made a ticket hope they will provide them back…

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I am still waiting for a resolution as well. Nothing yet

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I’m waiting too…

Yes, only happens with ancient trophies and only when trading.
Have a free bump.

Also happened to me a few days ago, also to a basic ancient combat trophy, on server Killaraus. Reported using the in game feedback at the time. I was able to buy a minor one off the trading post to partially replace, but I’m still out a rare drop, materials, and the money for buying a replacement.

Did you ever get this fixed? Same thing just happened to me. I got my 2 basic Corrupted trophies and 2 basic angry earth, but after trade my 2 Basic Ancient trophies went missing completely. <_< I posted about it in support just now and jsut saw this thread.

Still nothing

Still nothing and no resolution

Still nothing for me too

Still nothing

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15 days since amazons last reply to me stil nothing
i want my damn trophys back


Same. I did a live chat support, they said they’d email me. I checked my email and had 2, 1 asking for logs, 1 stating I was perma banned. Although I wasn’t banned at all? I asked live chat support about it, and they said seems I may have purchased duped trophies from the AH and have to wait 24hrs after my ban to discuss, but I was never actually banned, and never bought trophies, bought the matts, had my friend make them. Seems they missent an email, or was a fake even though seemed like a legit address. I sent them the logs they asked for for my trophies and still haven’t heard anything. Thankfully I bought some minor’s before the patch disabling trophy buying/trading.

Wow that is insane, so they are labelling us as cheaters for getting trophies made by friends. This means we will never see them again

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