Missing crafting T5 materials and missing crafting options

When do we get offical info about implementation about the missing T5 legendary crafting materials like Intricate Firearm Lock, Enchanted Bow String and so on?
Also having an actual use for items like Animal Eye and Animal Viscera would be great?!

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Has there been any update on this? I grinded my engineering to 200 to make the warpwood two weeks ago only to find out all that work was pointless because the enchanted bow strings are not in the game. Very frustrating.

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Mmmm, have you guys looked at those recipes? I.e. gotten them and pulled them up in the crafting bench to look at them? Most of the legendry’s are kind of trash. Stats that don’t help with the weapon, lower stats than normal crafted gear, etc. Even if the missing components were added, you might be better off trying to set stats on a 600 orichalcum item/iron wood item and rng it out till you get the perks you want than to make a legendary.

The Warpwood bow is actually pretty solid. Which was the whole reason I had rushed my engineering skill to 200 so that I could make a solid 600 bow for PvP.

But I agree most of the others are trash.

But even if they are trash, it makes no sense why the components still aren’t in the game


Aha, I haven’t seen that one yet. If I ever find it . . .one day. . .I’ll give it a look.

But yeah, not sure why key components aren’t in the game or so hard to get you need full harvesting gear of type (mining, logging, etc.), three house trophies, and food to boost the skill to even have a small chance of getting them.

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