Missing equiped items

My gloves, hat and boats are missing with this new patch


Same here. I just logged in before game update and, at least my harvesting hat and gloves got dissapeared…

My hat also disappeared.

Hi @CirusX!

I hope you are good! First of all sorry for the inconvenience!

Quick question, were the gloves, hat and boots for harvesting?

They were harvesting and mining gloves and boots for me!

Hi i have the same issue, but with a bow luck perk

my Hat is for harvesting, boots and gloves dont remember but objects with only intelligence i think globes +19 and shoes +21 but dont sure

I also had this. My pants and shirt, both for harvesting are now gone after the patch.

Right, thanks for the response.

Right now there is a bug with harvesting gear that disappears, the developers are aware of it as the Community Manager has informed us here. Hopefully it is fixed soon!

Take care!