Missing Feature: Chat Moderation

Is AGS ever going to take action against the epidemic of hate speech in their production? I’m getting really tired of going into Everfall and being lambasted with “stupid faggot”, “broke n****r”, and other slurs in every mode of communication. My personal favorite today was someone spamming the chat with their desire to murder liberals (Looking at you, @ProConservative).

Listen, this isn’t asking for much. By not having moderators in their servers at all times, AGS is allowing and fostering an environment that condones hate speech and other toxic behaviors.

Before I get the standard, “Just turn off the channel and voice chat, you don’t have to listen or see that”, NO. It is not acceptable to tell a community who wants the bare minimum of respectful behavior that they cannot have critical features of the game because there are bigots who want spread hate there. As we, the consumer, do not have the power to deal with problem, the responsibility falls to AGS.

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Lies. Never once seen any of this.

I have never ever seen this sort of behavior in the chat. If it isn’t the spammy people posting about selling gold then the chat is pretty straight forward but I have never ever seen that sort of language in the chat.

Not happy that I can only block upto 100 people.

You may not have this experience, but that doesn’t make my experience invalid or a lie. I am an active player with 183 hours in Ohonoo. During peak hours, chat is often a nightmare. There are many positive interactions in the community with lots of love and friendliness, but their is a negative side of the community that should not be overlooked.

I see this on every game - ppl trying to get ppl banned over politics. You’re doing activism. No one buys it…

The production not having a moderator to deal with people yelling slurs in their game is not a political issue. IRL, if people behaved like that in a grocery store, bank, or other public location, they would be asked to leave or forced to (unless you think that’s acceptable behavior). The onus is on AGS to remove individuals who act like this since players do not have this ability.

If there truly is no such problem in the community, there wouldn’t be an issue. Nobody is going to be banned by a moderator for hate speech if it doesn’t exist like you suggest. There is only a positive outcome with this change, as a moderator can also act to provide additional support and transparency to the player base in their servers.

I’ve never seen an MMORPG with no apparent in game GMs (game masters).

Alexa should not be in charge anymore.

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