Missing Fishing Equipment

My fishing boots are missing, and now I have 2 sets of fishing gloves…

Hello @i3igGun, welcome to our forums! :sparkles:

My apologies about the missing fishing boots.

I would like to escalate this issue for better research into this possible bug/issue. Can you please help me with more details about your issue? Also:

Your character name
Your World/Server name
Name of missing fishing boots
When you realized they were gone? (date/time)
Just to confirm please double check your different inventories and make sure you don’t have it with you.
Can you please confirm you didn’t salvaged it or traded it.

Thank you in advance!

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Grognak the Barb
Fierce Fisherman’s Boots
This morning after patch
I’ve looked everywhere, I always keep them on me anyway since i just love the fishing in this game.
I know I didnt Salvage them, because i did the research when I was doing the fishing quests, knowing I can only get them from that. I locked them down immediately, and they cant be traded to my knowledge.

Thank you so much for the information @i3igGun!

I will escalate this issue to the specialist team. I don’t have an ETA in the research time but as soon as i get an update i will be sharing you the information.

I will PM you to ask you for some details.

I’ll see you in Aeternum!

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Thank you!

Me too for the boots of fishing

I’ve seen this after monday patch, since tuesday morning.
My fishing boots from quest reward was disapeared.

I was thinking of missclick but i had locked this piece to prevent dissassembly

Fierce Fisherman’s Boots
since tuesday morning

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Hello folks!

My apologies for the long hold time on this. We’ve been checking the account on our side and since these are non quest items(they are rewards from a quest but not a quest item), we’re not able to restore them.

It’ll be forwarded further to our team so they look into it and address such bugs in the future updates. My apologies for any inconvenience this caused to you.

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:

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