Missing Gold when I logged in today

Logged in just now, ALL my gold is gone, nothing in the AH, no history in the AH, nothing for sale, nothing in the buy queue.

Any ideas on how to fix this.

Hm…did you send support a ticket already?

Yes, in chat, unfortunately, it is a BOT in there who is just getting me to do stuff that has nothing to do with my issue. Got me to validate game files, got me to run dxdiag , got me to send him my last 3 log files. ALL useless information.

Hi @glynn0!

First of all i hope you are doing just fine!

Second of all the associate that you spoke with was not a bot I can confirm that 100% and they asked you for the dxdiag and game logs in order to raise a ticket to the developers so they can take a look at your account from a much higher up position, and with that help you out resolving the issue. If the interaction was ended properly then the associate needed to set up a follow up with you so when the developers answer the associate would contact you through email.

I would also recommend that you go to the Bugs and Exploits section of the forums and provide your information with the template there.

Hopefully this helps!

The logs are not useless information

Put Trading posts back up in EU past that to the Dev Team as game is dying without a key fundamental.

Trophies down 11 days, TP down since a single patch screwed a whole region for 10+ hours at peak time.
When compensation and/or fix? :slight_smile:

Edit: right, since over a week also the bears, wolves, etc. that drop quintessences are still not lootable at all.

In this case, they are useless, it wasn’t a bug that caused this, my account was hacked, they moved me to a different server and took all my coins, dxdiag and the game logs are NOT going to be of any use in this. When I said BOT earlier I should have stated “Acted like a bot” just asking generic questions from an obvious script.

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