Missing Harvester Set bought from AH

Character: KAZDUN
Region: EU Central
World: Bifrost

Hi AGS Support,

I still seems to be missing the 5 pieces of Harvester Set that I bought from AH about a week ago.

Are these still being rolled out as mentioned elsewhere by Moderators or when are we supposed to get these items back in chests as promised?

Thank you!

Hello @ufoldager
Thank you so much for sharing you are experiencing this issue and I am very sorry for this, for you to know the team is aware of this issue and currently working to correct this and replace the lost items with our next patch.
Please be patient while we work this out

Hi @Raftel

Duly noted. Thank you for your reply!

Hi @Raftel

So the newest patch 1.1.1 has now finished, but I have not received any chest with the Harvester Set that I lost (5 pieces in total bought at the Trading Post).

Is this still being rolled out over time as stated elsewhere at an earlier point in time?

Thank you!

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BUMP Any support on this?

Was this issue resolved? I am still missing all my Harvester Set pieces. :frowning:

Just logged in… no harvester gear yet…

Hello to all,

Here is the newest information on missing harvester set [Notice] Update on Horticulture/Harvester Gear
If you have not received this chest after December 6th, please submit a ticket to our Support team via this link: http://support.amazongames.com/ 135

Thank you all for your patience and understanding, take care.

I can confirm that I have just received and opened the chest that gave me all my 5 Harvester Set pieces back which I immediately locked! :smiley:

Thank you to the Support Team! Very much appreciated!

I just realized that the Harvester Set (5 pieces) that I got back is NOT at all the same as the set that I lost!

The set returned is a Tier 4 set with slightly lower Luck values than the set that I lost. I lost an Epic (purple) Tier 5 set, but have now received a Rare (blue) Tier 4 set!

Not happy with that at all. What can I do about this now?

Please someone advise or support!

Thank you!

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