Missing Legendary build option/recipe

Name: Thorin Stormborn
Server: Tulgey Wood NA East

Spoke to Amazon live chat and they told me to post on forums - I consumed/opened/used the legendary recipe/schematic whatever you want to call it for the hatchet ‘Axe of the Abyss’ pre-patch yesterday, was showing up as an option in the forge crafting window etc.

Post-patch logging in today it’s no longer visible as an option, not sure what’s happened but am scared a) I’ve lost that recipe and b) worried about consuming/using my other rare recipes/schematics

Is this a known issue or…?

Edit: after the hotfix that went live today (30th Oct) my legendary options have reappeared. Phew!

Hello @ThorinStormborn

Thank you a lot for the report. Im sorry for the situation encountered. As this is a possible bug, please post it under Bugs and Exploits - New World Forums.

I can understand for your update the issue was solved, however if it happens again in the future, please use that section provided above to report any in-game bugs or exploits you encounter and use the following template. Our Dev team will be able to check it as soon as possible.

Character Name:
Issue that occurred:
Time and Date:
Location where issue occurred:
Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue:

Thank you in advance