Missing skins from the Deluxe Edition

Greetings. I logged into the game today and my character was without the skins from the deluxe edition. I went into my inventory, selected the skins, but the Woodsman armor skins were not there. It’s like I didn’t buy the deluxe edition. What happened? Please help me figure this out.


You have to right click each item piece, choose the appearance menu option, and select the skin.

Select the skin you want and click confirm.

You have to do that for each item.

Friend I know this. I bought the game 6 days ago and put skins on my armor. By clicking on the thing and selecting the skins menu. Then chose there the skin I got for the deluxe edition and all these days I was running around in the skin. But today I went in and it’s gone, just not there. In the section skins, I also looked and there it is not.

Open a ticket. - Have you tried exiting the game?

I would love to, but when I want to write a ticket, I’m asked to re-tie my steam account, but when I click on the tie account button, I get this page and can not just physically write them to support. So I’m writing here.

It looks like all skins and marks of fortune have vanished from an umber of people I know - clearly there is something happening beyond the East US issues… or there is some dependency on one of them for other regions.

As you can see in the video, I can’t even write to support, because their site doesn’t work. It keeps asking me to link my steam account and gives me an error.
Although when I signed up 6 days ago, everything worked and I already linked it. But now site ask me again, and again.

Dear developers, please help me to solve this problems.

Video - Amazon Games Support not working - Error 500 - YouTube

Hello Adventurers!

At the moment we are experiencing an issue with AWS that is impacting the entire service so players may notice irregularities in login, store items, skins, etc. This would explain your missing skins.

This will resolve automatically when the bigger issue is resolved, if the skins are still missing after the issue is resolved let me know so we can look into it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


In general, missing not only armor skins. But also emotion (Rock/Paper/Scissors), as well as (Woodsman hatchet skin) and (Mastiff house pet).

Thank you so much for responding so quickly. And where can I find out that the problem with the AWS (I do not know what it is) is solved?

Thank you for the information! Our team is working on resolving this as fast as possible, you can keep an eye on this thread for the latest updates:

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Greetings again @SibU
Yesterday you said that after the problem with AWS is solved, all skins will return. And that if something goes wrong, to write to you.

After you fixed everything, I went into the game and saw all the items from the Deluxe edition except (Mastiff house pet).

I wrote immediately to support and your employee named Marcelo answered me and accepted the request, its number (P56546616).
After that, he told me to post on the forum about the problem as well. Well you said that yesterday too.

Hey there @SneBjorn

Good to know you got your skins back, but it’s unfortunate that you didn’t get you Mastiff house pet. As you already contacted support, they made a ticket for you and now we just have to wait for the resolution, Marcelo should contact you via email when he gets it.

If you do not get a replay in the next couple of days you can contact support again with the ticket number you were given, or let me know through this thread so I can check up on it!

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