Missing Tier 5 Azoth staff

Has anyone experienced a missing Azoth staff and had it restored? I submitted a ticket and am being told too bad! I don’t know if I dropped it or
It disappeared from a bug or crash. I have run to both Tier 4 and Tier 5 quest givers in case I could redo but no luck. I only realized my tier 5 staff was missing when i joined a portals group and noticed the message “Tier 5 Azoth Staff required” and noticed I had the tier 4 equipped. Thanks

Gonna answer my own question here. Apparently you must do the Dynasty Expedition to advance your Azoth quests. Once I had completed Dynasty, there were four or five steps very easily completed for Tier 5 staff… I would have thought the support could have informed me that I had quests to complete instead of saying To Bad.

So you never had a T5 staff to begin with then? How would support know about the item progression in the game?

I would think they could have seen the progress in the main story quest line but apparently not.

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