Missing Umbral Shards/Level 7 Codex

Server: Camelot
Nickname: Duke

My group and I finished a mutator 6 run, but right when we killed Chardis the instances crashed on the whole server. I did not get my 600 umbral shards, meanwhile my 4 other group members did. None of us recieved the level 7 codex for placing Silver on 6. Lastly our whole run was bugged and no loot spawned off any enemy including bosses. At the very least I am seeking to receive my 600 umbral shards and my whole group to get our level 7 codex. Hopefully this can be fixed soon as we cannot continue our planned run to mutator 10s otherwise.


I was in this group also. The whole dungeon dropped no items.

Server: Camelot
Nickname: Jabbam

I was also in this group and can confirm Duke’s statement. Although, I was able to grab the shards there was 0 loot drops.

Server: Camelot
Nickname: Nephthyy

i was apart of this group and got a whole load of nothing.

run level 6 again?

We had a set plan to get to Mutator 10s week 1, that’s besides the point that we can just do 6 again. We need to be compensated with an orb refund or what I stated in my post.

u have 15 keys, so more then enought to try it again :smiley:

Hello Adventurers.

Good job to all your team @dukem96 on that mutator run, and welcome you all to the forums.!

I understand that this inconvenience about not getting the codex, shards and loot can be a “Bump on the Road” for your group progression. I apreciate your taking the time to report this issue. I will definitely pass this information to the team to start finding a solution.

To better assist you, please ask to submit a ticket with your case on Chat support , that way our team can have deeper look on your case in specific.
Here is a list for the known issues from this patch if you would like to check what is being fixed.

Also if you consider this is due to a certain bug you can post the same information on the Bug report section , just be sure to use the correct format .

Hope this helps, Keep gaming!

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