Missing Unique Quest Items, Progress Stop

You didnt mark those items as quest items so a lot us salvaged them.
Also you should prevent palyers to salvage these items…
Give us a chance to get these items again or just add it to our inventory.

When did you salvage them? These items should no longer be salvageable as of December.

So if someone salvage those items before that patch (when at this time you dont get any notification for future quest), amazon gonna do something about it or its gonna stay like this forever?

Its kinda annyoing that everyime when i go to crafting station i got those items at top ;c

Oof, the “gotta click all the notifications” in me understands your frustration of having those at the top of your crafting station! For my knowledge, have you tried abandoning the quest and doing it over?

I can’t anymore i have done every quest in first three weeks and wasnt paying attention to bugs at that moment.

If that wont block any future quest or achivments (i’ll be glad if someone confirm that), so then i can just throw that items away.

So it looks like this since release :C

Thanks for the information! I’ll circle back with the team!

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