Mistake switching factions

HI, I’m Kodaddychan on Pluto. I accidentally switched from yellow to purple to join my friends, but they had already switched to green. I’m hoping I can get a faction reset/ switch to green… I can’t wait 2 months to reunite; I already waited like 40 days after switching to yellow. Please put me to green. thank you!

Hello @Kodaddychan welcome to the forums!

In this case if you accidentally switched to the wrong faction you’d need to wait for the 60 days cooldown. Unfortunately we do not have any fac reset or switch feature to help you right away.

I’ll proceed to check if there’s anything that can help us out and I’ll reach you back, sadly I can’t make any promises.

Hope the information was of assistance and have a good day!

Damn, your “friends” didn’t tell you before moving? Your friends got kicked out of purple btw. Blacklisted from wars, basically telling them to gtfo.

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