MoB Agro is bad or not working correctly

When someone else ‘Wakes’ up a MoB in your general area. If You are NOT grouped with them, your actions should NOT put you on the agro table, Unless you; Heal that person/group, attack that specific mob! I should not get agro while fighting another mob and someone run’s by with a train of mobs or heck is just fighting nearby me unless I heal that person or attack that mob!

I am getting tired of dying to 4+ mobs running at me that would never otherwise know I’m there but someone else woke them up and I happen to be fighting nearby!


Not 100% sure on this but it appears they will go for the lowest level player in the immediate area unless another player can produce enough threat.

I like that as you level up you produce less threat to lower level mobs. However, it seems something needs to be fixed so that the player that initiates the threat is the primary target unless a greater threat or some combination of threat & lower level (to not enable 60’s just carrying a group of lower level players through everything) is applied to the mob.

This needs to be addressed, It’s not fair that when I’m mining or just standing there minding my own business someone can train mobs onto me that I never agro in the first place. I’ve had countless of times people do this to stop you from mining and then they get to mine the ore since I have to deal with the mobs now.

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