Mob Push Back during Grit

I understand you want mobs to be hard to fight to have some semblance of difficulty, but the mob stagger/push back is god damn out of hand. I can’t play any builds I actually enjoy because if I get adds I’m screwed. I found life/fire staff to be the only thing that remotely works for fighting more than 1 mob at higher levels without getting decimated. I put down the heal aoe then start to channel meteor. The buff from grit causes fortify which causes more healing for me. This makes it so I can face tank a couple mobs, not to many though otherwise I get shredded in seconds. Even with grit the mobs hits still push me around like I’m standing on ice. This is fucking horrendous. I have to put myself up against a corner so when they move me I don’t get pushed right out of my aoe heal. The issue then is the mobs push me so much I end up becoming part of the wall and they reset.

I really want to like your Amazon, I can tell you put some effort into the survival gameplay aspect. But your mmo part of the game is still severely lacking. You need to completely remove the stagger/push back from mob auto attacks. It makes sense if a power attack or mob ability attack moves me or knocks me around, I’d have to dodge that. But every single swing they do is way to damn much.

Please for the love of God!!! Please remove the stagger from mob autos!!!

Or better yet add Stagger back to us and it fixes nearly everything.

Yeah, that could work. Just have boss mobs or elites or whatever be immune so it makes them scarier. Shit mobs should be nothing to us.

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