Mob spawn timers

Mob spawn timers in open world content to fixed. there are a few places like outpost Vehemence in the shattered mountains where i cant complete two quests in there because the note and chests i need are in the deep area and the spawn times are BARELY over 10 seconds. this is seriously making me angry. i get inside the first area and next thing i know everything i just cleared respawns at the same time and i pull the entire outpost.

which leads me into my second major complaint. im level 60 doing what should be solo-able content. Mobs should NOT be agro-ing me for 20 feet away and chain agro-ing everything within 20 feet of them. the agro ranges in the game are F$%#ing stupid sometimes.

Thank you for the feedback @CaptainPunchy I will pass this on to the team.