Mobs are hitting way harder now

As the title says, me and my friend commonly go duo in Scorpius for weapon levels.

Decided to take a peek today to level our Void Gauntlets, lo and behold we were greeted by like 6-8 of those tentacle arms, which are the worst designed mobs in the game might I add.

Aside from that change, we noticed that pretty much every mob there exploded on death, I don’t remember that happening at all. They also all hit upwards of I would venture to say 25% harder.

So after like 2-3 deaths we left. Just as a reference point we very rarely died there before only when pulling like 10+ mobs at once and getting turned into pinballs.

So we decided to just farm some corrupted portals to see if the changes were universal. It seemed as if those mobs also hit harder. I went up to Myrkgard alone to do my own test, unfortunately again things didn’t go so well. I used to be able to pull and solo 2-3 crawlers and one of the mage guys at once. The one mage guy absolutely destroyed me and I had to leave.

I don’t know if it was only corrupted but I certainly noticed a marked difference in survivability across the board so far, any casual players or new players to the game will get demolished and put off by the challenge. Not everyone groups, not everyone has time to even form a group. For those players the price of admission may now be far too high.


really annoyed with the current state myself also, 5 man recommended turned into 50

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