Mobs continuous stagger

can you please fix this ! it’s so annoying as a melee player that you cant even auto attack unless u have a grit buff which some weapons dosn’t even have , every single mob attack is a stagger this needs a balance


As far as I know the mobs stagger you when they use an ability

Dodge it or block itn

The PvE stagger mechanic is unbelievably annoying! It’s not difficult, it’s just annoying, but apparently, AGS thinks that annoying = challenging.

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no every auto attack they do stagger go fight a zombie or a lion or a bear and check it out

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That’s a bold of you, assuming they actually think. They just watched dark souls on youtube and tried to copy it.

yeah this needs to be addressed. even as a ranged class this is an issue. mainly because you don’t even get the option for attacks with grit so if you get cornered or flanked by mobs you’re screwed. so many times I’ve been stun locked as a life staff user. just get juggled by mobs and my team dies because of it, then I die because I have no team.

It’s absolutely one of the biggest issues ATM, high level mobs constantly stagger you and it’s just not fun at all. Plus it’s awful trying to tank when the boss is moving you around nonstop. And while we’re on the subject, remove PvE player collision, try doing any content with multiple melee, it’s just not fun.

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