Modifications to Outpost Rush Scoring System

Coming to the forums as a ranger user. I can do close to 1 million damage in an OPR and struggle to make a 1000 score is very disheartening (And end up getting the “Low Performance” Score). The problem is with great axes, hammers, and aoes dealing damage my kill count is often less than 5 (I get the assist, but the final kill goes to another player). To test this, I put on a life staff, with 22 total focus on my character and managed to score over 4000 in 1/2 the time (And rank in the top 5). In an effort to change this, perhaps adding these following metrics would assist players:
Capping a point awards points (100 points per capture)
Dealing damage awards points (.005 of the damage is added to your overall score (IE: Doing 500k dmg would net 2500 score))

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