[MODUN] Help Against Duppers!

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Server Modun, banned players:

Sputinik, Gabz, Schulz, Jhonattan, Domenec and a lot than IDK.

New Accounts already with dupped itens:

Sputinik v2, Gabz v2, Schulz v2, Jhonattan v2, Arrascaeta (Domenec’s Account).

If amazon didn’t delete the dupped itens this game will die. Theres a lot of ppl here (Modun) making the same: Dupping, get banned and transfering the dupped itens to another players. Then they take the dupped itens and they are capped. This is unfair. I had like 31 days (/played) and I’m not capped. IF amazon ignores it me and my whole company will quite this game. At the moment the game appear so unfair for fair players.

Help against duplicators!

Hi! Recently my company and I switched servers looking for more competitiveness. We are on a Streamer server (Skipinho) in which there is a podcast that would guarantee the maintenance of the quality of the server. Especially when it comes to fighting cheating.

Unfortunately what we saw was the exact opposite of the promise. We have seen and continue to see the cover-up of cheating. An example of this was this wave of Dupping. Both companies Dupped a lot and defend themselves. Guilds like Midgard Gods and Nightmare have paired up and had several accounts banned. However they still have a lot of duped loot. Previously passed by the duppers. I kindly ask you guys at amazon to analyze both the list I’m going to send of banned players who recreated accounts with the same name with a ‘‘v2’’ as well as the storage of legendary items from these companies. It’s a shame for New Wolrd to have a server like modun, where the majority is made up of cheaters, duplicators and exploiters. We continue to play the game in the faith that amazon will fix and delete these duplicate items.

Continuing with the report of these cheaters, I ask them to analyze the transfer of gold made by banned people to secondary accounts. Everyone on the server is aware of the absurd gold sale of the player ‘‘Sr Wolf Kovacs’’. According to third-party information, it has several accounts with storage filled with gold.

I apologize for the bad English, this message has been translated. Thanks for listening! I’m still waiting for Justice in the New World!



@Kay There is no way to ban Hwid?

This is all very serious

it’s easy to solve this.
After a serious complaint of this
I recommend that Amazon do a temporary Restart of a few minutes or hours in “MODUM”.
In sequence, you can only load those who send the “LOGs” and verified by Amazon support.
Summary : Check all logs of all players who log back into “MODUM”.
Either do that or the problem will continue without any solution.
Amazon needs to address this issue urgently.
Att ImTheLegend

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