Monster hunter endgame content idea

I propose the following new endgame content:
On Town Board missions: hunt the monster X (like Turkulon).
Missions available only after 60.
Rewards: umbral shards.
This content will be like the Guardian raids of lost ark.
A guaranteed success :wink:
Bump if you like it!

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox


im actually surprised this isnt a thing.

even if its just go kill a named elite boss in this area.

its more of a faction guy thing i think but im surprised its not on the town board.

definetly a nice idea for all level acctually

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Bump! :wink:

Wow good idea! Idk why i didnt think of this.

Ps - it could be for all the named mobs too, that way people are introduced to all the named mobs, which contain legendary drops of their own.

@Alesx Great suggestions! We going to push this through to the team immediately for further review. If you have anything else to share, please do and we will update our report.


@Vesstan Agreed!!!

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@anon94776661 We know, right!

We love some good content! Any other suggestions you would like to see in New World?

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I think similar to other features that games share like D3 rifts or FFXIV’s Palace of the Dead (both randomized procedural dungeons), this game needs a dungeon crawl experience that is a different experience every time.

Not only that, but if you did something even more similar to the FFXIV Palace of the Dead, it could be for ALL level ranges; You would start at level one and see how far you could get (The player scales to the dungeon, not with the gear, as they level up).

People would be trying to see how far they could get. This could be competitive PvE, PvP. It could even have leaderboards.

Who could get world first to the highest tier? Esport action? Tournament action for BIG MONEY? That would draw people in IMO. BUT, I think Amazon should host all of these events too.

Edited for better development of the idea.

@anon94776661 I appreciate you going into great detail with this. I have updated the report with this feedback. Hopefully, the team can spark up some cool innovative ideas that with enhance the experience for all our players.

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