More animation idea's

  • throw rotten tomato
  • throw cabbage
  • throw a shoe
  • “boo” someone for being bad at music
  • “pew yew” that smells
  • “raspy tongue noise kids make to tease”
  • “cheers” drinks with friends
  • “drunk” on the street
  • “panhandler” for money

Did you happen to play the Winter Festival in the Lord of the Rings Online…

No =/ I was just thinking of trollish things and decided to suggest it. I have been heavily thinking about RP and immersion in the game the last few days

I like “throw a shoe” and “boo”. I will like animations depending on your weapon, jiggle with Hatchets, skeet shooting with the Blunderbuss, rifle drill with the Musket, a shield throw with the SnS… something like that.

I suggested “personalities” a week or so ago, where it changed how you stood, idle, ran, etc. So people could ideally transmog and have a roleplay based identity.

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That will be a good inclusion, giving personality from movement is something that not many games do, but will add depth to customization. Hope when they update the customization this is taken into consideration.

I would enjoy this game a lot more if it had more of a RP element. A dedicated server for such minded people but AGS has been very public on their statements that there are 0% plans for PvP and RP servers.

It has been asked for so much that it was published in a Q&A post which makes AGS sense. Have a feature being requested so much that you have to make an official post on how you will not provide said requested feature.