More Charakters - same Server

As we will get a Chartrans soon, i asked myself when its possible to create a Second Charakter on the same Server ? Will it ever be possible?

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No, for some very good reasons.

  1. No mules or storage bank/trading alts…an on-server alt would break the inventory system.
  2. Cross-faction alting - I’m sure you can see the obvious strategic issues here. I hope.

So i cant even trans my old character with lvl30, cause i had to start again cause of the Q times.
Sad that i have to leave him with almost 10k gold.

Thats pretty shitty

Inventory alt with all that it brings would be a hassle to manage but a huge advantage to people who put up with it for sure!

Is a great reason not to have it.

DAOC had a good system for alts, if you are faction “x” on server “y” all your toons must be faction “x” on server “y”.

Inventory management is a huge pain for me, and yeah I wouldn’t mind having more space, but the big thing for me is I don’t like reconfiguring my toon to try out different builds (especially once it starts costing money each time).

I personally would like to see more toons per server (hell I’d even be happy with the 2 toons per region being allowed on the same server.). But my obsession with alts is definitely less important than fixing issues and content.

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