More generous? 3x3 arena and all real pvp activity rewards discussion

Before it been 250/750, now 100-200-300-750.

I already have more than 100 wins in the arena and almost all of them are in the solo queue, but why should I go there now? when you can do safe pvp quests in some Brightwood and get 1500 pvp exp in 10 minutes (or more if it’s Great Cleave or Shattered). Solo players will leave the queue and go to do pvp quests, I also leave because I don’t want to lose 3-0 to a stack of players and get 100 experience for it. If all the solos go away, I’ll stop enjoying this mode as a solo too. Remove then the ability to register solo for this mode. Reward from arena, outpost, war - should be comparable or even better than for faction pvp quests. You are rewarding dumb running around rather than engaging in real pvp activities. In my opinion, the reward for the arena should be at least 250-500-750-1200.

It is already too late to reduce the reward for pvp quests, because the players will not be satisfied with the fact that someone managed to farm there, but they did not. The rewards for real pvp activities are just a joke compared to pvp quests. I agree that some pvp quests can be fun, there are whole guild wars on populated servers in great cleave, but you can still find a safe city for these quests and get much more than any pvp activity, especially given the time. 1500-2000 experience for a 10 minute pvp quest and the same amount for an outpost that can last 30-45 minutes. Some only have wars once every few days, or at best a couple in one day. In addition, these pvp quests do not have any limits.

Instead of having fun in the arena, I should be running a sickening pvp quest, but even if I forget about the reward and go to the arena, I will not have fun against 3 esports because all solo players are running sickening pvp quests. Brilliant.


Yeah think they got us excited using the word generous but accidentally nerfed it in the process T.T

What if. That’s the 25% values and it’s bugged?

400 800 1200 and 3000 would in fact be generous. That could be that happened.

agree, i was so hyped before patch. I think 3-2 win should give 2k exp. 3-0 win should give 1.2k exp. 2-3 lose should give 1.2 exp 0-3 lose should give 500 exp. AT MIN. coz 15 min of quests in ga is 3k exp. 1 arena 15 min win is 750 witch is kinda cringe

I’m really thinking now that it’s bugged and it’s 25% reduction for everyone. If it’s 3000/win at the top that’s actually equivalent to running order GC for an hour if it’s 15 minute games. If it’s less then it’s even more!

PVP arena patch ended up more like “Great cleeve quest spam patch”


I don’t think giving more rewards for everything is the answer.

I do think rewards need to be more equitable based on effort involved.

Also, as much as the whole GC debacle has boosted OWPvP, the rapidly diminishing returns on killing players kills that quickly, which is probably fine to avoid win-trading, but there really ought to be better systems in place. If they asked I’d be happy to share ideas, but AGS has ignored nearly every constructive feedback I’ve given over the last two years and continues barreling down the train tracks they’ve stuck themselves on.

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I think I should have posted this in the feedback section)

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