More incentives to flag for PVP

With the aptitude chest and the rare mats in it, there is no real incentive to flag for pvp. Please give us more incentives to flag for pvp. If you die you lose nothing here so it should not be a great deal to flag for pvp even when you are the greatest pve-player of all time.

I see people farming without flagging for pvp and i wanna fight them for those nodes.

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Hey there, Bunga! What incentives would you like to see in particular? What rewards would make you feel like it’s worth engaging with flagged combat?

Looking forward to your reply!

As level 60 player you only enter the open world to farm stuff, so it should be related to farming. Maybe increased yield or even more luck.

Another idea is to implement some outposts in each territory. Each outpost gives a ressource to pay the upkeep costs for the city. City owner need to defense these outposts to pay the bill in the cities. Players from other comps can also claim these outposts and steal the ressources. The upkeep costs for cities wouldnt be paid with gold anymore but these new ressources.

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