More merges or transfers and content

Look, you guys aren’t putting out content fast enough, and you aren’t putting in steps to balance faction territory grab and it’s killing your game.

You just merged our servers and we’re already below 300 people a day online wich is only 16 percent server capacity. It’s getting stale really fast.

The winter event was boring and nothing but a grind fest that myself and many other players would rather nap through than care about. I am sure some people liked it, but I didn’t hear many.

Also, who wants to walk way out into BFE to go to your winter villages when we already have 46788347 azoth cost travel which basically means no fast travel. Sure, azoth got somewhat easier to get, but only if I want to harvest 24/7. I don’t.

Please, get us new content, continue merges and/or get us more transfer tokens that also let us swap regions… Please.

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i dont harvest 24/7 and i have no problem with azoth anymore.

Have you tested playing on another continent in this game, i have not and from what i hear it can be abit painfull when it comes to ping.

what type of content are you asking about? the game is 4 months old and tbh we have got a decent amount of content since release. can you clarify what content you are missing?

We are getting gear cap increase soon aswel and i dont know of any other mmo that got that 4 months in and i have been vocal about that it is a bad ide.

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