More nameplate options please

Hi all,
Aside from the aweful targetting system, it is very hard to pinpoint where my groupmates are, especially during mass pvps. Please add more options to manage nameplates. It is already very dificult for healers to properly heal with the scroll targeting, on top of the constant ask for healer nerfs, our life is already miserable. Please show us some love. :frowning:

-Only show group HP
-Only show in-range group HP (let’s say 20 meters)
-Only show friendly HP
-Only show Hostile HP
-Only show in-range Friendly HP
-Only show damaged Friendly HP
-Only show damaged Hostile HP
Or any combination of the above mentioned.
Also, why can’t you just make a simple snap targetting system where the target is the nearest player on your cursor, where it doesn’t lock the whole camera in with a wierd camera speed, and doesn’t prioritise the player on the ground level and completely ignores the player on a higher ground when there are multiple players.

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This is a problem that can be solve in setting. Try targeting healing off, for Mass PVP, (the one that force disable mouse scroll). ( Pro : Awsome AOE heal placement, Con : single target heal will be for you only)

Completely agree with more option for name plate tho.

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Yes, I tried those :frowning: , which is a work-around to an otherwise simple targetting system. Game controls should never dictate what kind of spells you can’t and can use in a game. They can just snap the target to the nearest player from the crosshairs without doing anything else ( like slowing the camera, focusing the camera, fixing the camera to an angle). I have been a support player in all the PvP, RTA, MOBA, MMORPG games that I have played, and this is by far the most counter-intuitive controls I have to figure out.

I would love some improvements to group UI, heal targeting, and nameplate + health visibility for group members. :sob:

Healer life is ROUGH

Ever gotten that group UI bug in a war where you appear to be in a different team? Where cycling through group targets cycles out of order and skips group members? :sob: All these things, healers have to deal with, on top of trying to keep the team alive while dodging spear/hatchet healer-killers. The struggle is REAL :sob:

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