More skill and attack immersion

I believe that new world would be better if it had more skills for each tree, and that the hotkeys are more immersive such as “W+LeftClick”= (attacks that go one step further), “S+LeftClick” =(heaviest attacks) “A or D+ LeftClick” = (attacks towards the side)
and new skills in “Shift Q”, “Shift F”, “Shift E” “Shift R
talvez “W+Q”, “W+E”, “W+F”, “W+R” to use the skill in a more advanced way
“S+Q”, “S+E”, “S+F”, “S+R” to use the skill in a more backward way

Several people I played agreed that even though new world is based on basic attacks and dodges, more skills would make the game more fun, not necessarily add more slots for them which would allow more builds for the same weapons
And with new attacks depending on how you’re moving it would open up a range of possibilities for fights.

I based it on this because of the game Black Desert, where the game’s combat system is amazing.

I do agree with what you suggest Kelven but we also must have in mind that adding this dimension of abilities and skills will change the dynamics of the game and should be a major patch in itself. It will require a lot more of the team to properly balance and add this to the game, however, the suggestion in itself is one that I agree with. It’ll be an improvement of the fighting.

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I think one of the perk of new world is how the combat is simple. Adding to much usable abilities might break this simplicity.


I am against adding more skills. 3 for each weapon, total 6 + ultimate adding this oct, it’s enough IMO.

But I would like to see mechanics where we can walk and attack, it could be interesting, and gameplay changing

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So maybe more skills but still with only 3 slots for them, creating multiple builds for each weapon

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And that is awesome idea. You see the guy, you see the weapons, but you do not know exactly :smiley:
for now, most guys use the same set of skills for specific weapons… most of them can not really surprise you :smiley:

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Its already in the game… There is 6 skills per weapon…

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