More than 1-2000 active players transferred to my server and now I’m lagging balls constantly and can’t do anything without rubberbanding

Really sucks, 500 hours played, kinda want to quit

That could be a hardware or connection problem on your end. . .though some of the fixes of late have caused significant issues with latency. I’d be more specific, but with out debugging logs there’s no real way to tell other than through experience what is causing it other than making guesses when it happens.

Those two things are unlikely to be connected. More players on your server should not affect your connection in any meaningful way. They shouldn’t even affect your performance a whole lot, if everything is simulated serverside. Unless every single player on your server experiences the same issues, this is probably on your end and you may want to look into alternative causes.

Edit: ok, from the clarifications I see that you are indeed talking about the issues that everyone encounters in crowded areas, not exactly “connection issues” in the conventional sense. That could have been obvious from the post title, but I may have focused a bit too much on your exact wording

Nah today randomly in reek water all 60 of us had 600 ping randomly. Everyone on the server was lagging there. 1.0.5 patch broke a lot of stuff latency and animation wise. More players in an area make it worse. For the past weeks our server has been around 1700 and windsward (main trade hub) ping is 250 constantly, 50 everywhere else. It’s AGS things.

It’s from the patch combined with more players. I’d wait out 1. 0.5.

More players in an area does.

Ouch. . .that’s really bad.

Yeah no one can duel outside of WW cause of the lag LOL

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