More Weekend Events

The past Double XP weekend was great, we had people everywhere looking for spots to grind their weapon exp. Myself personally impressed by how many came to my unorthodox farming areas.

But I’d like the entire month’s weekends to be lit. Not double XP specifically, but there could be some weekends that could provide other things. Here’s some suggestions I’d like to see for potential weekend events:

  1. Double territory standing- it’s a hard grind, and all player’s will benefit from it.

  2. Double umbral shards- either just from mutations or overall, having this will just advance the entire player base.

  3. Double harvesting drops- having this will provide a global clean out of nodes, but should be an interesting weekend.

  4. Double Faction points rewards- make it ignore daily bonus from faction quests to nerf it. But the weekend should be great.

  5. Lucky weekend- have global luck increased by 10% for the weekend.

  6. Crafters weekend- make all crafting items +2 minimum to rolling. Example 593-600, will be 595-600. 595-600, will be 597-600. Could even do double crafting XP until lvl 100 in a category.

  7. Double gypsum weekend- have the daily threshold of drops doubled for a weekend.

  8. Rafflebones special drop weekend- make him drop something thats hard to acquire, like legendary patterns, monstrous turkey leg, sliver of consecrated iron, timeless shards. Or add another random encounter loot goblin like thing.

  9. OPR special events, such as PvE take over- simply double the azoth dropped from monsters. Since the change, i havent saw much brutes, and i miss them. They were nerfed to the point where they didnt matter much, and then their price was upped to basically remove them from game. You could also do double resource gathering, but probably should advise player’s to keep an eye out for command posts, cause they kinda change the game at tier 3.

  10. Double gold drop from expeditions, it’d probably help the economy slightly, recently it’s been fine i always have money to spend and i spend it daily. I’d say double gold from all drops, but I’d rather it be limited. I suggest to pair it with something else.

Thanks for reading.

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