Morrow still locked?

Why is Morrow still locked as a “Full” server? We’ve been at almost half population now for a week compared to other servers that are still open.

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Spoke to support, and they mentioned that servers aren’t actually calculated by the number of active players on the server. It is based on the number of created characters on the server.

Now that sucks for us because we had a LOT of people create characters on our server then go play on another server. And now the population is dieing on our server and it is still locked as “Full”

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Our server is only at half population, and it’s being going down for days.

Here’s another server that had longer queues than us and is unlocked again:

What’s the deal AGS???


Please Unlock Morrow,

The server is slowing down and tons of people have level 1 characters they have never used.

Unlock the Server so our friends and join.

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I agree, I’m missing out on playing with a few friends and it’s frustrating. Our server could certainly benefit from being unlocked. This needs attention ASAP.

AGS is still killing our server by keeping it locked. There are hardly any players under level 30. The trading post is completely out of whack because there’s no new players coming in. Our server has been at half population during prime time for about a week now. Unlock the damn server!

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Please please unlock it. Active players, not created characters, should define the size of the server and whether or not it should be locked. It kinda blows my mind that anyone thought “created characters” was any kind of a metric to base server locks on. It’s a great way to watch a server slowly die

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