Mortal Empowerment doesnt work with flamethrower kills

  • Character Name: TARTY

  • Issue that occurred: Mortal Empowerment doesn’t work if you kill somsone with flamethrower

  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue
    kill someone with flamethrower an d have mortal empowerment

Good. Flamethrower kills shouldnt even receive the kills for it.

im confused

Yes any kill with Flame trhower doesnt count as kill, and doesnt give the +2% for mortal empowerment perk.

Same for any DOT that kill a player, doesnt count as +1 for the perk. Any Burn or Bleed doesnt not trigger it.

Not realy a surpreise since in OPR for THE PAST 8 MONTH A DOT KILL DOESNT COUNT AS KILL…

I am pretty sure this is because flamethrower damage is coded as damage over time/persistent damage and neither dots or persistent damage give kill credit. Should be the same bug for poison ticks and ice storm ticks after the initial cast.

What a meticulously coded game

Hi there TARTY, I will record this feedback for you and pass it along, this is maybe something that can be looked at or it’s how they want it to work but I will make sure they are made aware of your thoughts here. Take care!